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Gold thin textured bar paperclip bracelet

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This dainty gold filled bracelet is perfect worn alone or added to your favorite gold collection. 

DETAILS:       Bar: One inch long and hammered for texture

                        Bracelet: Thin paperclip links

MATERIALS: 14k gold filled 

WHAT IS 14K GOLD FILLED? A 14-karat gold-filled jewelry piece is created by bonding 1/20th pure gold by weight around a base metal (usually consisting of brass and copper). This thick layer of 14k gold provides a durable quality product that will not tarnish. It is 100x thicker than gold plated jewelry.  With proper care, your gold-filled jewelry should last for years. Gold-filled quality products are a beautiful and affordable alternative to solid gold at a fraction of the price.

I use high-quality 14K gold-filled products for a durable and elegant look. Store your jewelry in the airtight bag or cloth bag provided when not wearing to keep it looking its best.

PACKAGING: This beautiful bracelet is packaged in a square jewelry box ready for gift giving. It is wrapped in a bubble package for added protection.


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